Compositions Available on MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic)

MakeMusic CloudThe following compositions by Rob Grice are available on SmartMusic. SmartMusic is ideal for woodwind, brass, percussion, string, and vocal musicians of all levels. Play or sing your part with accompaniment, while SmartMusic’s suite of interactive practice tools assists with fingerings, slide and string positions, tuning and more. Learn more about MakeMusic Cloud here.

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Very Easy Grade .5 - Beginning

12 the Clock Strikes
Land of Lost Zombies
Legend of Mekong
The Notrorius Machine
Zombie Stomp

Easy Grade 1 - Very Easy

10 to the Power
Absolute Maximum
Clash of Warriors
Defeating the Giant
Defender of Time
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer (String Orchestra)
Escape in Time
Feast of the Kings
Fire Dragon Mountain (String Orchestra)
Gentle River
Hunter's Mountain
Little Star
Phantom Force: The Next Level
Reflections on the Missouri River
The Good Life
The Journey Quest
Zombie's Shipwreck Island

Easy Grade 1.5 - Very Easy

Armor of the Mystic (Concert Band)
A World of Possibilities
Dark Odyssey
Santa's Blizzard Escape
Santa Goes Wild West (Concert Band)
The 31st Day of October
Santa Goes Wild West (String Orchestra)
Too Beautiful for Words

Easy Grade 2 - Easy

Abandoned Treasure Hunt
Above the World

Age of Empires
An American Original
Arctic Blast
Battle of the Ancient Dragons (String Orchestra)
Carpe Diem
Great Britian
Dark Fortress Overture
The Gold Rush of 1849
The Knight's Last Ride
Warriors of Beijing (Concert Band)
Warriors of Beijing (String Orchestra)

Easy Grade 2.5 - Easy

Armour of the Mystic (String Orchestra)
Avenger (Band)
Avenger (Strong Orchestra)
Jingle Bellz
The Legend of Devil's Tower
The Sky's the Limit
Witch Hunt of 1692

Easy Grade 3 - Medium Easy

Concordia (A Chinese American Overture)
Ivan the Terrible

Easy Grade 4 - Medium

Mystery of the Ancient World

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